Astro Kanu Predicted 2020, the Recent Budget and the Current Global Conflict

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Re- Defining Astrology and Astrology Apps

April 8: Kanupriya Singh- founder Astro Kanu, was born in a family which always had spirituality around her. Her maternal grandfather was a Vedic astrologer and an acharya of Ayurveda. Her relationship with spirituality and Vedic Astrology started at the young age of 4 when her grandfather initiated her into chanting. She has been associated with professional Vedic astrology since 1998. She has had a successful corporate career in sales but astrology never left her life. In 2018 she quit her full-time career to dedicate her time to spiritual work. Her five-star ratings in – video and text reviews declare her credibility and dedication to her work. Her ability to forecast major events is remarkable and her App has been featured in Republic News, Business Times, Mid-Day and other publications.

She founded Astro Kanu in 2018, and the platform has seen immense growth ever since. Astro Kanu works unlike most other astrology services; their focus is not on buying gemstones or remedial measures but on self- improvement and evolution. Kanupriya says, “Vedic Astrology- ‘Jyotish’, exists to guide our life and to make improvements, not to scare us to blind faith”. She runs a Mind Training Workshop, predicts the stock market every month amongst other predictions to precision. Her annual predictions can be seen on YouTube- Astro Kanu where she has spoken about conflict in regions and other details co- relating to the ongoing war.

Astro Kanu – recently launched a Mobile Application, though in the segment of Astrology Apps it’s nothing like them. When we think of an Astro App, we see same old platforms with a line of astrologers consulting over chat or calls, almost like a call centre, running to calm the minds of anxious clients, looking for instant answers! Kanupriya Singh, Founder Astro Kanu says, Vedic Astrology never existed for this purpose but is one of the spiritual tools available to help humans evolve. Her decades of experience, working with Vedic Astrology gets verified by amazing genuine reviews online, exhibiting how people s life has changed and indeed seen the evolution, she says this work brings.

Astro Kanu is breaking all stereotypes of Astro Apps with services like Mood Healer, Daily Affirmations, Love Compatibility Matching which is not gender based, allowing couples beyond gender-based relationships to feel free to evaluate their equations. The App has an exclusive team of professionals including a therapist for those hard days. The Mood Healer is a service which allows you to click a selfie and gives you an analysis of how you are feeling and what you can do to improve your day. Services like these are based on the client making an effort to improve their mind set and are supportive to better mental health, self- care and empowerment.

The App features Predictions that are hand crafted by Kanupriya Singh. The accuracy of her predictions is borne out by her recent forecast of the Indian Budget as part of her monthly stock market predictions. She also predicted the upheaval in 2020.

The App gives options for Meditation, Yoga, Reiki, Tarot and professional counselling.

Astro Kanu aims at using cutting edge technology like AI to leverage the traditional values of Vedic Astrology in today’s mobile world. Astro Kanu will add true value to people’s lives. Here’s an App that will actually start changing the way you live and perceive life.

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