Ourea’s Journey from primordial Greek myths to a successful Branding company with the specialist – Anooja Bashir

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May 18: With the advent of the new age technologies like Internet of things, artificial intelligence, Machine Learning blockchains and more, the world of business and marketing has seen a drastic change in their approaches and outcomes.  The Idea of design thinking along with new age technologies have completely transformed how businesses interact with the needs of their clientele. But with the changing trends this has made the market highly competitive and saturated. Amongst these Ourea, a business consultancy firm is a breath of fresh air, rising above the challenging circumstances of the pandemic they have been able to help various brands understand and cope with the highly competitive market structure through their fresh ideas, top notch strategic marketing approach and hyper personalised branding solutions.  Ourea is a brand of hope, a brand of ambition, a brand of teamwork. They flaunt their strength that lies in its versatile design-centric approach blended with tech-savvy implementations. The perfect mix of experts with more than two decades of experience in the industry teamed up with passionate youngsters to bring out the best in them, to deliver the best for their clients.

What makes this venture stand out?

They aim to position the startups, SMEs, SMB, and MSMEs in this competitive market instead of running campaigns blindly. The ultimate goal is achieved through a well-balanced marketing, design, content, and technological approach that enables businesses to capture the attention of their target audience.

The Founder, Anooja Bashir herself, is an experienced marketing strategist and a brand custodian. A customer-driven marketing expert with more than 20 + years of corporate experience in multichannel marketing and customer experience strategies helping brands elevate awareness, and engagement, and delivering exponential sales conversions along with managing clients from diverse fields.

Entrepreneurs like her firmly believe that a thorough competitive SWOT analysis is required to curate a marketing plan tailored just for customers. This also helps in evaluating the current stand of the venture and where it needs to be taken. The unique model they have created with a prompt 360 business service support via branding, designing, digital marketing, web and app development along with IT support gives them an extensive competitive advantage.

Delivering over 100 brands so far belonging to extensively diverse segments, Ourea has served several satisfied enterprise clients throughout their journey! Their efficient team has also been a great aid to a few startups that even subsequently got themselves featured in Shark Tank India Season 1!

Anooja and her Co-founder Vinod joined hands to develop some “no less than revolutionary” plans for Kerala startups to bring the deserved and adequate attention and visibility. From designing the unthinkable to taking a technologically driven approach, they put their heart and soul into your brand’s success. Ourea plans to be with you till you reach the peaks of success and contribute their major role to building a brand for you, from scratch to zenith. If you wish to add that flavour of success and life-changing innovation to the rollercoaster ride of your business journey and make it worth your while, they are undoubtedly and indeed the right choice.

They propose strategies to your brand with the time and precision it demands, along with optimum efficiency and dedication. Everything they do is a result of a deep and careful analysis of your target market, competition, customers, potential audience, and basically every small or big stakeholder of your firm.

With the changing era and the sudden turmoil of the pandemic there has been a significant impact on each one of our lives, particularly employees, because their abilities and skillets needed to be enhanced in some way or other. This requirement came in because it suddenly, yet largely, was regarded as inadequate to match the new working setup, to the rapid changes in working style and environment. Only rare skills were assumed worth the limited funds of companies.

LIKES, i.e., Learning Innovative Key Employability Skills, is one such initiative by Ms Bashir, which focuses on training the graduates, professionals, and women entrepreneurs for two months to make them industry-ready, the perfect move at the perfect time!

Here, the training is not undertaken by just anyone from the industry, but by only the Industry Experts. The cynosure of LIKES is that post the training, the participants are assured of a job using Ourea’s network, with utmost faith and sincerity.

Ms Anooja Bashir is also the Co-founder and CMO of Flexi Cloud- a managed cloud hosting company. This specific area is a complete business solution provider to start-ups & organizations, again a need for the industry. She also runs an ed-tech platform called LIKES, and a social entrepreneurship saga called Anooja Initiatives that actively takes part in helping the underprivileged with a societal welfare goal of social commitment.

With Ourea, you will always be able to advance to a higher level, no matter how high or low in the graph you already are. Using latest SEO techniques to provide your brand with widespread visibility in the online social sphere, to attract the correct audience, Ourea employs the most visually appealing designs and videos. They narrate your story in the most exquisite way, hence justifying why they visibly stand out in the crowd and make sure, their clients do so too!

Likewise, they understand the importance of a freshly optimized website and critically compose each component, be it videos, designs, or content and hence provide the best quality services to cater to the requirements. They never lag behind to ensure that you fetch the desired engagement from the target audience and are capable of preaching your brand values among the new users.

Ourea is not an ordinary firm with sugar-coated promises; they are backed by results and pleasant client experiences. They aim to be the wings to your dreams by providing creative solutions to all your problems and helping the target audience put faith in your brand. Ourea respects and strives to maintain a global atmosphere where they value and encourage diversity. Being righteous along with preciseness is the ultimate goal that they constantly strive to achieve.

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