Making each moment grand, and each company a brand

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BeetRRuz is successfully filling the publicity gaps between brands and their audience

May 6: One small step for man is a giant leap for mankind. In the past year from its baby steps to the big hits, BeetRRuz has made its mark in reshaping the world of Brands. Within one year of establishment, BeetRRuz has created landmarks to look at and achieved milestones to cherish. With 50+ projects diverse in scale, operations and style the company came out unbeatable at the time of the pandemic.

When big ventures and established companies were in peril, BeetRRuz sprouted to not only compete in growth but also provide shade and nurture brands with its PR and Advertising tactics that were needed the most. When we asked the founder about a remarkable moment in this year-long journey, she was overjoyed to share how within months after competing BeetRRuz started getting National and International level opportunities. Also for a long time, she has managed all the projects unassisted, as a one-person army.

The founder and pillar of BeetRRuz, Ms Himaani Chetaan is a pioneer with experience of over a decade in PR and Marketing. Her strategic approach and business sense have earned good clients and have even managed to have repeat clientele within this short period. Himaani proudly speaks about her company’s aesthetics abbreviated in her brand BRR – Being social, Reliable and Relentless Improvement respectively.

A look at the company’s profile is all it takes to justify the BRR brand values. The social connection has single-handedly earned long-term relations built on credibility. The brand has emerged as an influential networking space between the Consumers and Service providers with its steadfastness. The scalability is a result of believing that the Best is Unachievable, this results in the team constantly brainstorming and ideating improvements making it better each passing day. These principles have led BeetRRuz to where it stands today.

The idea of BeetRRuz is more than a catchy name, it is derived from the vegetable named Beetroot. Again, not just a catchy name but a symbolisation of Beetroot’s passionate and bold hue and immense health benefits. A message that this brand stands for is the well being of its client’s brand. BeetRRuz aspires to showcase its clientele as thought leaders shaping the modern world by amplifying their ideas and story.

It is emerging as a trusted partner in providing platforms that not only speak about you but also manage to show you in the best light possible. It takes more than a platform though, it takes the right platform! By holding contracts at different media houses, Digital platforms like ANI, India today, Midday etc, Print and Electronic magazines like Forbes India etc, Influencers and Celebrities BeetRRuz make sure that their client’s time is valued.

Providing Associate and Marketing partnerships for events, and arranging celebrities for your promotions is another feat offered by BeetRRuz. It is no wonder how time drifts but in the making of success each passing moment counts and is accounted for, each obstacle is an opportunity to learn, and each fall is another chance to rise higher and better. In one year of BeetRRuz with its stressful to happy moments, connection to delivering for a client it has travelled miles in this short duration. But to have come this far, to only come this far is a far cry for BeetRRuz as the founder herself states, it is just the beginning!

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