Frisbees Turns 8!

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Mumbai, April 15: Committed to serving mouthwatering burgers, Frisbees, the Burger Peddlers of Mumbai, completed 8 glorious years.  Owned by the brother duo – Saahil Badri and Fahad Badri, Frisbees was founded in 2014, as a pizza delivery joint which was then pivoted to focus on a complete burger menu in 2015. That is how it got its name, as a frisbee was the perfect size of a pizza. The name stayed but the legacy continued.

Chef Fahad & Saahil Badri

Frisbees have been previously famous for bringing out the cheese bomb burger concept, which has been adopted and replicated across many burger chains today. Frisbees have celebrated the spirit of honest cooking since 2014, as they offer a specially curated range of burgers by the in-house chef. What makes it all the more unique is the in-house buns and flavored sauces with freshly delivered, non-frozen meat and tasting on point, hand-cut fries.

To ensure every festivity is celebrated with lip-smacking food, Frisbees has introduced their new Ramzan menu. A scrumptious Haleem burger where the meat is slow-cooked along with lentils, broken wheat, and spices. It’s a perfect flavor explosion and also stands out for its high nutritional value, revitalizing nature, and comfort. Well, there is more to celebrating both Ramzan and Easter.

Where: Frisbees, Bandra West

Time: Mon: 12 noon – 12 midnight

Tue-sun: 9 am – 12 midnight

Address: Shop 6, A39, Labaik House, Chimbai Road, Near St. Andrews Church, Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai


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