Everything you should know about author Eshwarmurthy Pillai!

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Mumbai, May 18: Eshwarmurthy Pillai was born in the dreamy city of Mumbai in 1972. His grandfather had a big influence on him when it came to socialising. He began his professional career as a Medical Representative in Mumbai, where he attentively observed patient trauma, which he continues to do.

He developed his enthusiasm for writing and innovative thinking while working for two major pharmaceutical companies. Following his MBA in 2003, he maintained his pharma career, which allowed him to travel across India. Throughout the process, he continued to gain information by connecting with people from diverse professions.

Hang On — A Second Wind, the first novel in the “Hang On” series, is inspired by conversations with farmers in drought-stricken areas.

Eshwarmurthy Pillai has worked as a Sales Manager in a Medical Device company in Mumbai. Talking about the same he said, “I have been in the healthcare industry for more than 20 years and had the opportunity to travel across India. Writing has always been a passion since 1997. Launched 2 books. My book Hang on: A second wind based on a motivational journey achieved great heights including Amazon’s bestseller tag. Planning to launch a few more in near future and would take writing as my full-time career”.

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